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The Exhibition was again a success.

We had good attendance and both the framed paintings and the browsers sold well. 

84 artists entered a total of 306 paintings of which we sold 21 painting and 23 browsers. We had very pleasing comments from everyone who attended and everyone who helped did a fantastic job.

I must especially commend the guys who helped loading at the cottage and unloading at the Cliffs, Alan, Paul and Richard.  The ladies who were in charge of entering the paintings and the browsers did a marvelous job amid long queues, which seemed to go on forever. 

Stewarding was very efficient and some people did over and above their time and I appreciate this, although it is always the stalwarts and we do need other members to be more proactive in all areas at these events.

On the Sunday we opened to the public at 2pm and sold 9 paintings and 3 browsers by the end of the evening.

John Thomson who was the judge was present from 2.15pm to 4.15pm looking and assessing who deserved an award or a commendation.  He did an excellent job although marred by not enough members attending and therefore the atmosphere was rather flat, especially when members who won were not there to receive their award.

 A final request for more members to be more proactive and to thank John Thomson and Alan Hunter again for their help, especially Alan who has been a consistent and reliable trooper for the last two exhibitions.

I was very pleased with the event, which was well advertised and professionally presented and an event of which we should all be proud.

Malcolm Perry

Exhibition Organizer

Southend Art Club