Members' Gallery
In the gallery you can see examples  of  our members' paintings.  Every member has the opportunity to have one of their paintings displayed on this page of the club's web site.  Following this link for more information on adding your painting to the Gallery and being featured as our Artist of the Month.  Follow this link to find out how. 

Alan Powell

Ray Andrews

Trevor Bavin

Helen Rubinstein

Gill Whitehead

Chinmayi Nath

John Thompson

John Harwood

Ashka Lowman

Samantha Quilter

Katherine Rose

Susan Allen

Jill Hermitage

Sam O'Neill

Lynne Campen

Les Williams

Therese Ellis

Anita Pickles

Josephine James

Linda Vost

Val Gough

Charles Thompson

Ian James

David Godbolt

Keith Watson

Liam O'Herihy

Alison Harris

Paul Kenyon

David Hurrell

Bill Barr

Brian Coppard

Vicki Coppard

Lori Wiseman

Dorothy Arthur

Christine Dodson

Susan Duprey

Chris Wiseman

Diane Wiseman

Pauline Grove

Gina Warner

Andrea Sinclair

Nick Martin

Glennis Reynolds

Jane High

Lynda Allen

Malcolm Perry

Ted Rodway

Jean Stanwell-Smith

Please note that COPYRIGHT © Is Reserved by the Artist and reproduction is not permitted without prior permission